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Our world has become more intertwined in recent decades, and new technologies have enabled us to collaborate with people all over the world. As international interactions develop, so does the necessity to communicate in a foreign language.

We have a greater demand for informed citizens who are culturally and linguistically capable of functioning in today’s environment.

You can access your language course through our online learning platform where we provide you a login to your personal learning space.

No, You need not have a prior knowledge if learning a new language. you can easily start with the basic module for the language you choose.

We suggest not to do that, because it is very important as a language learner to be focused on one language at a time.

Yes, once you complete your language course. You will be appearing for an assessment test post your score you will be awarded a certificate.

We conduct language classes in small groups to make sure you get to learn and communicate well among you learning partners.