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We understand learning a new language can be daunting but with SpeechCraft Learning School, adapting to a new language, that too one of the most popular in multiple countries will be a new journey altogether.

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Spanish as a language

The thought of learning a new language can be intimidating, however Speechcraft Language School is here to ensure a smooth transition and a path of progressive learning.

Some facts about the language

There are more than 550+ million Spanish speakers on the planet. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, with over 33 million speakers. When measured by native speakers, it is officially acknowledged as the second most commonly spoken language, after only English. Spanish is the official language in 20 nations, and more than 550 million people are fluent in the language.

Why learn this language?


According to Forbes, the Latin American market currently has $1.5 trillion in purchasing power, making Spanish speakers more valuable than ever to businesses.

Employers and employees alike can benefit greatly from knowing a second language in today’s global marketplace. Modern organizations are always looking for employees who can assist them with international trade, and the Spanish language is particularly useful in the current context.

2. Great opportunity to study abroad

Spanish as a language unfolds multiple opportunities for students who wish to pursue overseas education. Pursuing education in a Spanish-academic institute can work in your best interest resulting in professional and personal development. 

3. Easier to understand

In comparison to many other languages, learning Spanish is quite simple for an English speaker who is prepared to put in the effort. Students don’t have to put much effort in learning the language as the amount of effort utilized in focusing on the tone is less as compared to other languages. To help you acquire the best learning environment to build a great future, Speechcraft Learning School is ready to go all the way along with the students until they are set for their own journey. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

The sheer amount of opportunities this school provided me is hard to explain. Training from the industry experts made learning so practical and engaging, increasing the zeal and enthusiasm even more.
From USA
SpeechCraft Language School just didn't make it about learning about also about the experience one extracts. I would get insights about the culture which made it easier to understand the language.
From Delhi