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The rapid world demands students to be updated at all times, by learning Japanese you get to extract the advantage of coping with the competitive market and out beat the rest.

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Japanese as a language

With rapid globalization, the demand for Japanese as an important language is growing multiplicity. Some of the top employers across the globe are demanding their employees to be proficient in this language, thus increasing its popularity on an everyday basis.

Some facts about the language

With 128 million people speaking it as their native language in only two nations, Japanese is the world's ninth most spoken language. Japanese is spoken by 128.3 million people worldwide.The award for the largest Japanese community goes to Brazil, followed by the United States, the Philippines, China, the United Kingdom, Peru, and Canada.

Why learn this language

1. Work as an English Teacher in a Japanese School

Your ability to communicate in Japanese may open doors for you to teach English in Japanese high schools or work for the government in one of the country’s local Japanese organizations. The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) is an annual programme that permits overseas students to remain and teach in Japan for a full year if they meet the requirements and pass the application process.

2. Helps in developing a broader perspective

Learning Japanese can help you develop a broader perspective on how you see things in general. This will in turn develop your analytical and logical thinking which is beneficial in the longer run. 

3. Appreciate the Cultural Diversity

Learning one of the toughest and most reputed languages in the world will improve your communication skills, making you the employer’s favorite. Not just that, by learning the language you get an insight into the culture, thus appreciating the diversity. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

I got an opportunity to work in a top company in Japan after completing my course with SpeechCraft Language School. They made learning so much fun and also exposed me to never-ending opportunities which resulted in global exposure.
From West Bengal
Japanese being one of the toughest languages felt so easy and interesting with SpeechCraft Language School.The faculty focused on creative and practical learning with industry exposure making the entire experience so engaging.
From Uttar Pradesh