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Imagine eating bacon early in the morning in front of the Eiffel Tower, what better reason would you possibly need to learn French. 

About French

How can someone not get attracted to learning the most significant ROMANCE LANGUAGE in the world? The hub of fashion attracts many not just because of the culture but also because the country controls various multinational corporations across the globe. 

  1. It is spoken as a first language by around 60 million people in France and Corsica, 7.3 million in Canada, and 3.9 million in Belgium.

  2.  More than 25 countries use French as their official language.

  3. The first document that appears to be written in French was most likely written in 842.

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learn French

French Cusine

French cuisine is renowned for its finesse and flavor all over the world.It has truly come to govern the world, establishing the foundations for many other types and specialties, thanks to its formal techniques, concentration on fresh ingredients and basic flavors, pride in presentation, and rich and colorful history.