About Us

Speechcraft Language School facilitates a pathway to never-ending learning opportunities allowing students to seek immense exposure and career progression over the years. 


Every new language we speak has new possibilities. We bring you the best foreign language courses to learn and unfold new opportunities in your life.

speechcraft Language school

Become multilingual

We live in an era where the geographical boundaries are just limited to the map but when it comes to practicality the rapidly evolving digital world is enabling people to communicate anywhere and at any time, but we still suffer linguistically.  SpeechCraft Language School facilitates a pathway of learning and cultural diversity allowing individuals to develop a multilingual tongue. With the best learning experience under the guidance of trained faculty and industry experts, high-quality education and cultural exposure will guarantee character development as well as career progression over the years.

Gauri Arora
Founder, SpeechCraft Language School
Our Mission

Who We Are

"SpeechCraft Language School was started provide the best language learning experience with the cultural exposure of different countries inducing technology"

The world of rapid globalization demands individuals to be on their toes, consistently aligning with the competitive market. A new linguistic tongue will allow you to beat the line and reach the eyes of the employers, attracting the best possible opportunities globally.

Learning a new language not just facilitates a path to better career prospects but also opens doors to new cultures and encourages diversity. SpeechCraft Language School allows individuals to immerse deeply into the new language thus paving the way for a new culture. The tailor-made courses as designed as per the student and corporate needs inducing wider effects and holistic development in general.

Learn from industry experts

We ensure to provide training programs from some of the industry's top experts, empowering students with the best learning experience.

Tailore made coures

All of our online language courses are tailored as per your learning requirements and classes divided into small batches to make sure you get the most out of it.

Get Language Certified

We provide certified language courses and help you appear for the language exam from the Embassy itself.

Our Expertise

Tailor-made courses :

Keeping convenience and high-quality learning our priority, we tend to alter the modules based on the student requirement ensuring the best possible results. All the courses are designed as per the industry standards, providing an edge to our students as they step into the competitive market.

Time flexibility :

We understand that the time constraints might be halting you from entering the learning environment, but with SpeechCraft Language School every problem has a solution. All our courses are available online with timings fabricated as per your needs and classes altered in different batches be it in groups or individual one-on-one classes.

Cultural exposure :

Who wouldn’t want some wisdom from the top language experts in the industry. Apart from learning a language, we ensure to provide global exposure from native speakers, inspiring students with necessary insights leading towards career progression.

Placement opportunity :

Students have an upper hand if they have additional language attached to their resume. With SpeechCraft Language School , we bring you the best possible career exposure enabling growth over the years. eg - Language trainer, Language translator, Embassy representative etc.